Tranquil Transformations Meditation Collection

Attention meditation seekers, this is more than average “meditation for beginners”. With guided meditation in a tone that soothes and embraces, we want to take you past the basics of mindfulness and offer up a range of experiences guaranteed to elongate your experience with peace within.

So if you are looking for an authentic encounter with your own inner guidance, while moving through some deep breathing exercises that will bring balance to daily life, or would like to explore some potent affirmations that will completely awaken new possibilities then this meditation series is for you.

11 Modules

2 Minute Meditation

The 2 Minute Meditation is the perfect meditation for busy professionals. This short meditation will help you stay balanced in life and help you reach your full potential. The guided meditation is two full minutes of deep breath work and affirmation based exercises designed to bring peace into any hectic life.

Create an Intentional Day Meditation

The Create an Intentional Day Meditation is the perfect meditation to start your day. Start your day with intention and take control of your life. This guided meditation will help you build a positive mindset foundation that will benefit you all day long.

Energetic Beginnings Meditation

The Energetic Beginnings Meditation will help you find more energy, be more mindful and help you achieve a balanced lifestyle. This guided meditation will help you start your day with a morning routine of mindfulness and inner-guidance.

Focus Meditation

The Focus Meditation helps you gain more focus, find more clarity and helps you achieve balance every day. This guided meditation is for you if you need some help finding time and space for reflection, inspiration and are feeling stuck.

Gentle Transformations Meditation

The Gentle Transformations Meditation helps you transform your anxiety, stress, and overwhelm into more positive energy. This guided meditation can help you find your way through obstacles and on your way to living the life you have always wanted.

Let It Be Meditation

The Let It Be Meditation helps you melt away your worry and concerns and tap into the answers deep within you. This guided meditation is designed for letting you find peace where there was once only anxiety and stress. 

Loving Your Body Meditation

The Loving Your Body Meditation is for loving and appreciating your body. This guided meditation helps you find your own beauty inside and out. You will find appreciation for your body, the power within you and the gratitude you have for life and your body. When we love ourselves we are loving to others.

Practice of Kindness Meditation

The Practice of Kindness Meditation helps you find more kindness and compassion in order to develop a true connection with others. Practicing kindness is a form of self-love. When we can show ourselves kindness and compassion we can be there in the world as a compassionate being to others.

Reconnect to Your Body Meditation

The Reconnect to Your Body Meditation is designed to help you restart your perspective, reconnect with yourself and be in the moment. In this guided meditation you’ll reconnect with your body, become more grounded, let worries go and become more aware of your body to find peace and be more present in your every day life.

Stress Less Meditation

The Stress Less Meditation is designed to help you let go of your stress.  This guided meditation will help you relax, let go of your stress, become more self-aware, and decompress after a stressful day or event.

Tranquil Sleep Meditation

The Tranquil Sleep Meditation is the perfect meditation to listen to at the end of the day to help you get proper sleep and allow your body to get into deep rest. This guided meditation is a perfect way to prepare for sleep by soothing your worries away and leaving you feeling refreshed in the morning.

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